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Graham Academy


The Graham Academy offers youth in Newfoundland and Labrador accessible, performing arts training and performance opportunities in a nurturing, community-minded environment, through a broad range of high-quality performing arts activities aimed to improving the quality of life for our community through the participation in and promotion of the performing arts.


To build a better community by providing meaningful and inspiring artistic development for youth through accessible youth performing arts opportunities in a nurturing, community-minded environment.


Graham Academy’s good work is forever guided by its namesake, Gary Graham, and his lifelong dedication to youth development through the arts, his commitment to our community, his compassion and support for those in need and his drive for excellence. In developing and delivering performing arts opportunities to youth in Western Newfoundland and Labrador, The Graham Academy recognizes that performing arts teach young people the skills needed to grow, learn and excel in all aspects of their lives.


We believe exposure to the arts has a profound effect on the development of a child, the vitality of our community and the quality of our world.

Graham Academy’s youth programming is committed to develop skills in a variety of performing arts disciplines including, but not limited to, choral and musical theatre and through performance opportunities.

Through these opportunities young people are empowered to be confident, creative and to connect with their community.

As a proud member of the Camber Arts family, the Graham Academy seeks opportunities to support youth development by working with and learning from, professional artists engaged in activities with GMSM where possible.

  • To provide a professional atmosphere where excellence is valued, positive performance etiquette is practiced, and respect for all areas of production is insisted upon.

  • To provide opportunities for youth to assume responsibilities, appreciate their value as a member of an ensemble, develop their individual talents and apply cooperative social skills needed to collaborate in the theatre.

  • To enhance appreciation of the performing arts in our community.

  • To increase the participation of youth representing diverse and underserved populations of our community in performing arts.

  • To support like-minded arts organizations within the community and region, resulting in a broader array of sustainable arts offerings to all.

  • To provide classes, concerts, workshops, and performance opportunities for aspiring young artists.

  • To provide a bridge between leading professional artists and aspiring young artists.

  • To create an environment which encourages collaboration between different disciplines of performing arts.

  • To cultivate the artistic development of students through a variety of educational opportunities, such as offering weekly training, workshops, seminars, master classes and performance opportunities.

  • To promote public awareness and appreciation of the performing arts and arts education and training.

  • To inspire and encourage creative self-expression and build self-esteem within the youth of our community.

  • To cultivate a deeper appreciation of the performing arts within all participants and spectators.

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Graham Academy celebrates diversity of expression, loving and living, and supporting youth in being their best selves!


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