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Summer 2023 Event Listing

We are so excited to be presenting a variety of artists and events this summer. Check out all the details for our upcoming events below!

Flair: A Maltby & Shire Musical Revue
August 19, 21, 23, 25, 26 7:30 pm
110 Humber Road

Celebrate the songs and stories of Maltby & Shire.


Critics have described the music of Maltby & Shire as “sophistication over a range that embraces rock, jazz and the best of Broadway schmaltz... not just smart and funny, but often ingenious.” Who better to direct this work than renowned director Edmund MacLean. Featuring Dora nominee Tracy Michailidis alongside Wendy Woodland, Ian Locke, & Avery Dupuis, with accompaniment by Jennifer Evans-Billard, this production is sure to guide the audience through a wide range of emotions and stories in song. Come into the intimate space of 110 Humber Road and hear the stories and songs of many life times, filled to the brim with humour and heart!

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